Fogo Island, Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

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加拿大纽芬兰的福戈岛,这里临靠浩瀚大西洋,距离纽约不远,是得天独厚的宝地。福戈岛艺术公 司自从2010开始,在这里陆续开发了6个工作室,...

Fogo Island, Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

司自从2010开始,在这里陆续开发了6个工作室,这是其中的一个—— Tower 工作室。

非常感谢Saunders Architecture将项目介绍和项目图片授权建筑共享平台发行。
Appreciation towards Saunders Architecture for providing the following description:

Fogo Island, Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

Tower Studio
Shoal Bay, Fogo Island, Newfoundland
The Tower Studio is dramatically situated on a stretch of rocky coastline in Shoal Bay, Fogo
Island, Newfoundland. The studio’s sculptural silhouette leans both for- ward and backward as it
twists upward. For the average visitor to the island, this windowless black tower, more often than
not, provokes a quizzical response and the enviable question, “What’s that?”
For the locals, they know that this structure is a project of the Fogo Island Arts Corporation – an
art studio opened in June 2011. The Tower Studio’s official opening was one of the most festive
and included: a roaring bonfire, flares dra- matically shot from its rooftop terrace and the recorded
sounds of local whales as a background score.
Perched on a rocky stretch of shoreline, there are no roads to the Tower Studio,
it can only be reached by hiking along the shore from the adjacent community or walking on a
narrow wooden boardwalk consisting of weathered planks that hover just slightly above a bog that
features an abundance of cloudberries, known lo- cally as bakeapples.

Fogo Island, Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

From a distance the wooden boardwalk reads like a tether strap, linking the stranded Tower
Studio to the lifeline of a busy stretch of road. The boardwalk, a mere twelve inches wide, is a vital
component to the story of the Tower Studio, it provided an even track for wheel barrows to bring
building supplies to the con- struction site without disturbing the delicate eco-system of the
Newfoundland bog and the lichens that grow on outcroppings of rock.
The boardwalk is a testimony to the holistic thinking that is part of the Shorefast Foundation
mindset that connects the dots of economic, cultural and ecological sustainability at both the
macro and the micro level. Now that its purpose has past, the boardwalk will soon disappear in
order to minimize the impact on the surrounding landscape of the Tower Studio’s construction.
As one approaches the studio, its south-facing entry area is angled back thirty degrees. Overhead
a triangulated section of wall leans forward to shelter the double glass doors below. Both the soffit
and the angled entryway, clad in hori- zontal boards of spruce are stained white in sharp contrast
to remainder of the building’s windowless exterior of vertical plank siding painted slate black.

Fogo Island, Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

The Tower Studio is comprised of three levels with an overall height of thirty-two feet. Its entry area
is equipped with a kitchenette, a compost toilet and wood- burning fireplace. Its second level is a
studio, day lit by a generous skylight that faces northward. A mezzanine overhead, juts into the
double height volume of the studio. Aside from the geometric complexity of the space, the second
feature that adds to a sense of disorientation is the elimination of architectural detail and the fact
that all vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces, clad in smooth plywood, are painted a brilliant
white. The only relief from the stark interior is a sliver of the exterior visible through the studio’s
sole skylight. A slightly angled wall oppo- site and parallel to the skylight provides the perfect
viewing surface upon which a body can recline and enjoy the view. One can imagine the magical
effect of resting against this surface during a moonlit evening with the audible roar of the North
Atlantic and force of the wind against the exposed surface of the tower. From the studio level, a
narrow ladder (also painted white) leads past the mezza- nine level to the underside of a roof
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