林中工作室 / Selgascano

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来自 Selgascano 的分享,更多关于他们:Selgascano on Jianzhutu.com. Appreciation t...

来自 Selgascano 的分享,更多关于他们:Selgascano on Jianzhutu.com.
Appreciation towards Selgascano for providing the following description:
What is being sought with this studio is quite simple: work under the trees. To do so, we need a roof that is as transparent as possible. Also, at the same time, we need to isolate the desk zone from direct sunlight. Hence the transparent northern part. The part that is covered with a bent sheet of 20mm colourless plexiglass on the north side. The south side, where the desks are, has to be closed in much more, but not completely, so there is double sheet of fibreglass and polyester in its natural colour on the south side, with translucent insulation in the middle. All three form a 110 mm thick sandwich.
In the former case, the outward view is clear and transparent. The views in the latter case are translucent, somewhat marred by the cantilevered metal structure left inside the sandwich, with the shadow of the trees projecting onto it gently.
▼ 与树林共生的工作室,the studio symbioses with the woods林中工作室 / Selgascano
林中工作室 / Selgascano
▼ 工作室的北侧是透明的,使用20mm厚的无色有机玻璃弯板覆盖, the transparent northern part is covered with a bent sheet of 20mm colourless plexiglass林中工作室 / Selgascano
This simplicity, it is so simple, will unfortunately mature later on into an extremely complex structure. We mean to say complex in the sense that it was impossible to convince a company to get involved in such a small building from start to finish, with components that may have been straight from the catalogue, but were not, shall we say, for catalogue-style assembly, forcing us to contract the work out under what is known as “the administration” procedure, with a timetable that more or less fitted in with when the construction companies were available.
▼ 外部窗户开启, exterior window opening sequence/用以打开窗户的滑轮系统,a system of pulleys and counterweights林中工作室 / Selgascano
林中工作室 / Selgascano 林中工作室 / Selgascano
For example: The polyester party of the sandwich is composed of two types of pieces, both pultrusioned and both listed in catalogues: a straight piece with small stiffening ribs, and a curve that is only produced for the roofs of a few railway carriages in Germany. We had to wait for an order by the German railways because the few metres we needed did not warrant the recomposition of the production line – can we sent out a big hello and thanks to Gonzalo Guddat, who worked at the Danish manufacturing company?-. In between, we installed translucent white polyethylene insulation foam to preserve the translucence of the polyester. The transparent part was made from standard sheets of curved plexiglass, milled at the edges to enable a film of silicon sealant to be injected between the sheets. One company bent them, another assembled them, and yet another made the two sides, which are in 10mm white opaline methacrylate on a steel frame, which can be fully opened to permit air circulation by using a system of pulleys and counterweights.
▼ 室内的天花板采用两种材质,呈现完全透明和半透明两种效果,the transparent northern part contrast with the closed southern part林中工作室 / Selgascano
▼室内门开启,interior door opening sequence林中工作室 / Selgascano
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