3Cubes Office Building, Shanghai, China / gmp

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Completion of 3Cubes Office Buildings in Caohejing Business Park of Shanghai, China

Innovative parametric fa?ade development / Fa?ade and landscape elements create a strong impression of the ensemble

The 3Cubes office building designed by gmp for the Caohejing Business Park in the western part of Shanghai have now been completed. The office building complex with service functions in the basement floors has a total gross floor area of 60,000m2 and consists of three cubic building volumes with different heights of between 35 m and 60 m.

3Cubes Office Building, Shanghai, China / gmp
↑ 建筑综合体全景 panoramic view of building complex

The gmp design places particular emphasis on the character and elegance of the ensemble. To this end, an important role is performed by the fa?ade, which features a special design also in terms of technical detail.

The white building volumes have an austere elegance and, with their vertically oriented fa?ades, blend in with the surroundings while nevertheless – in their overall composition – contrasting with the very heterogeneous urban ambiance. The interaction between harmony and contrast is replicated in the design of the exterior surfaces. An undulating grass landscape culminating in a hill, with trees and arch-shaped recesses, provides access to the naturally lit basement floors. The landscape stands in flowing contrast to the static cubes in a harmoniously unifying manner, while at the same time emphasizing the cool austere elegance of the building volumes.

3Cubes Office Building, Shanghai, China / gmp
↑ 富于变化的幕墙肌理 facade texture with varieties

3Cubes Office Building, Shanghai, China / gmp
↑ 建筑综合体夜景 night view of building complex


Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the fa?ade is the key element of the design. Here too, the interaction between adaptation and deviation is the primary design element – the smallest cube has the largest openings in the fa?ade, extending over two floors, while the fa?ade of the largest cube is structured by smaller, single-story openings. And it is just the resulting visual irritation which subtly supports the overall composition of the buildings.

The fa?ade is noteworthy for another special feature – the width and angle of the elements, which are alterna-tely glazed and clad with white perforated panels, were determined parametrically. This meant that various factors, such as the position of the sun during the seasons, shading by neighboring buildings, the attraction of the outlook, the position in the building, and privacy requirements were individually evaluated at each fa?ade side for a dot grid in the 3D model, resulting in a certain angle of opening at each point in the fa?ade. With this method it is possible to optimize natural light, the view and very detailed shading options. In addition, it added another aesthetic dimension to the 3Cubes – the fa?ades, with the elements folded at different angles, create a lively iridescent image. At night this effect is further accentuated by the lighting elements integrated into the fa?ade; all fa?ade surfaces become light-installation walls with the option of producing programmed images.

3Cubes Office Building, Shanghai, China / gmp
↑ 环绕建筑综合体的整体景观 integrated landscape around building complex
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