A Warm Clinic in Tianjin, China by RIGI Design

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来自睿集设计对的分享。更多关于他们:RIGIdesign on Appreciation towards RIGIdesign for ...

来自睿集设计对的分享。更多关于他们:RIGIdesign on
Appreciation towards RIGIdesign for providing the following description:
Dental clinic is not a happy place to go, or we should say, no clinic could make people feel happy: the cold registration desk, the worrisome waiting chairs and the disturbing doors of the clinic rooms; the whole space is filled with a sense of distrust between doctors and patients. However, from spiritual aspect, clinic should be a place which brings hope, or at least should be a warm space. It might not be a delightful thing to go to the dentist, so RIGI does some magic to this space through design, bringing it some kind of warmth and caring.
Before RIGI took over this project, the owner had already got a complete set of space design plan, but his plan did not solve problems existing in traditional medical space. After RIGI is commissioned to do the design for this project, together with the owner, RIGI overthrows the original design concept. RIGI hopes to get rid of the sense of discomfort created by medical space through the space design, and to create a different atmosphere for the whole space. RIGI hopes to express the idea that medical space needs to show trust and hope through different design insights. There should be warmth, goodwill, openness, communication and smile in life. RIGI wishes that all of these could be shown within this space.
A Warm Clinic in Tianjin, China by RIGI Design
Because there’s warmth, life should have been happier. This is a clinic in RIGI’s heart and this is a RIGI-styled life terminal.
A Warm Clinic in Tianjin, China by RIGI Design
A Warm Clinic in Tianjin, China by RIGI Design
The brand logo and brand IP image of this dental clinic is orange. So circle penetrates the whole design as basic element, and wood material and the match of selected colors deliver a warm texture sensually. The space consists of four areas: entrance, kids area, waiting area and clinic. Besides its basic function, each of the areas has its corresponding design insight, and together, these four areas make up the genes of this dental brand and turn the cold medical space into a life terminal which connects to people and spreads warmth and caring.
▽ 平面规划:a.入口区 b. 儿童区 c. 等候区 d. 就诊区,Floor Plan:a. Entrance b. Kids Area c. Waiting Area d. Clinic
A Warm Clinic in Tianjin, China by RIGI Design

This project is located in a creative park. To analyze from the perspective of behavior, seeing a doctor is different from going shopping. There is almost no occasional guest for clinics; patients only choose to come after learning about it. The special nature of this industry determines that this space needs no use of eye-catching signs to attract customers, and a friendly fa?ade could narrow the sense of distance between medical space and the patients. Thus, RIGI adopts a design strategy of weakening the boundary between outdoor and indoor space through using plants on the fa?ade to connect the outdoor and indoor space, and simplifies the scale of the logo on the wall to avoid delivering excessive commercial atmosphere. The fa?ade extends to the interior space through circle, an element from the IP image, and interesting materials are used to create a warm commercial atmosphere. The design of the front desk also tries to present an attitude of relaxed and equal. Starting from the entrance, people could tell this is a friendly space and a warm clinic.
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