Egret in front of the Cissy Mountain, Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group (Huzhou) Paddington Bilingual School / Think Logic Design Group



"As the morning sun scatters on the earth, looking for the children's reading sounds, crossing the mountains and crossing the road, a white campus like an egret quietly stays by the lake."






This is the design idea that was created when the first project base was surveyed four years ago. It is also the design philosophy and goal that has been followed by the Hudson Paddington Bilingual School from the concept plan to the completion of the project.








The project is located on the west side of Huzhou Central City, next to Xisai Mountain in Huzhou High-tech Development Zone.The west side of the base is Huzhou High-speed Railway Station, the east side is the long deep section of Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway, and the base is 6km away from the central city. The traffic is very convenient.At the end of 2015, after the cooperation between Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group and the local government, it was decided to jointly build a modern education demonstration park with high starting point and high positioning in the project area.The 12-year-old Hudson Paddington Bilingual School, which started the project, also officially set sail.The construction of the project lasted for three years. The civil works were completed in August 2017, and the renovation was completed and pre-opened.In August 2018, the renovation was completed and officially opened. Currently, there are more than 800 students in the school.It has become a distinctive educational and cultural business card in Huzhou Science and Technology New City.











Unlike the schools in the city, which are subject to the continuation of the surrounding city texture and architectural style, the Paddington Bilingual School in Huzhou has its own particularity: First, the school is located in the urban development zone and is the first large-scale public building project in the development zone. The style of the school will affect the construction of the surrounding cities. Secondly, the school is also the first k12 bilingual school outside Shanghai, which reflects the local cultural and international characteristics.








"The egrets fly in front of the Cisse Mountains, and the peach blossoms are squid."The scene described by Zhang Zhihe's "Fishing Song" is the location of the project, close to the Cisse Mountain, west wind, and close to the Cisse Mountain Road.Therefore, the design initially created the overall layout and architectural style of the school in the shape of an egret.The stretched architectural layout and white tones are the main features of the building.







In addition, Huzhou is a famous silk town. Designed with the principle of silk suppleness as the principle of streamlining the entire school space, it strives to create a new school space model with a softer space and smooth flow, which is different from the rich experience of the barrack-style layout school.







Campus without administrative building


Different from other schools, the administrative center is different. The overall school function is centered around the graphic information center. It has three functional systems: the culture and art center, the steam maker center and the sports activity center. The functions of the teaching building and the dormitory logistics are interspersed among them.The functional layout of the overall school was that after the school discussed it many times, the administrative office building was cancelled, and the school space was released to the students to the maximum extent.Integrate the teacher's office and other administrative functions into a fragmented space outside the classroom and outside the campus function space.



The campus after the administrative building was cancelled and the teaching function was launched around the whole, releasing more space for the students, and also psychologically emphasizing the idea of ​​running a school in a private school.










Island structure and spatial integration


Because the project base is long and long, and the north and south are narrow, the designers and the school discussed all the functions they needed in the base. They found that there was almost no space for students to have after-school activities. After many discussions, they decided to borrow space vertically.



The design divides the whole school vertically and vertically, and divides the upper and lower by setting up a large platform, and connects the main functional sections of the school.In this way, the teaching function of the school is set on the platform, and the supporting functions such as canteen and office are set under the platform.On the one hand, the island platform links all the functional buildings of the school, facilitating the inter-class travel between teachers and students; on the other hand, the island platform separates the student activities from the activities of other service personnel, making the students' classroom activities more secure. And convenient.The island structure not only integrates the functional space of the campus, but also brings a layer of student activity space to the campus.











Open space and accessibility


Compared with the axis and tree structure of the previous schools, it is impossible to achieve in this project base, and at the beginning of the design, the school proposed to be an open school, open and accessible in a limited space. How to achieve sex is also the focus of this design.



The overall space of the school is centered on the graphic information center. The east and west schools and the sports center are combined as a group to form a courtyard. The high school and the art center and the Steam Center are combined as a group to form a courtyard, two courtyards. The intersection is the graphic information center. After entering the campus from the entrance, the distance from the center to the center is the closest.At the same time, the design of the overall campus under the overhead, and the two-tier platform are open, so that teachers and students can walk freely on the campus, but also quickly reach the destination, to achieve a balance between openness and accessibility.









At the same time, the open space also has the multiplicity of functions. For example, the entrance space of the campus not only undertakes the function of the entrance and exit of the school, but also serves as an open assembly space. The opening ceremony of the school for the past two years is held in the space of the entrance.






Flexible space and square space


The space of the traditional school is easy to use, but it also brings students a tight and rigid space. In the past, some school buildings were treated by simply using color to alleviate the pressure on the space. The concept of the school at the beginning of the design was the egret and silk. It was decided to give the school an equal and gentle character by breaking the space shape of the flexible lines and spaces.For the reason that the classroom space needs to be square, the design preserves the functional space such as the classroom, and flexibly handles other functional spaces and gray spaces, which solves the contradiction between the flexible form of the school and the teaching space of the Founder, and also makes the overall school soft and smooth. Open and inclusive.



















More than one runway and active health


The active and healthy design method of the Japanese kindergarten is very impressive. The space that is convenient for sports brings not only the exercise itself, but also the active health of the body.This also brings a lot of inspiration to this design.The base of the project is long in east and west, narrow in the north and south. The main playground is located on the easternmost side of the plot. The daily activities of students on the west side of the plot are difficult to be convenient.




The design draws a 1.2-kilometer-long plastic track from the east side of the playground. The two courtyard overhead spaces around the school surround the functional spaces inside the campus. After the students open the classroom door after class, they can directly enter the runway movement. The plastic runway guides students to join the sport, and the sport promotes students' active health.







Campus entrance and multiple functions


Due to the narrow north and south of the plot, the main entrance design of the campus has certain special characteristics, either blocking the whole campus or seeing the bottom at a glance. After consultation with the school, the school hopes that the entrance of the campus has a certain image, and hopes that some of the schools Activities can be held directly at the entrance.After combining various factors, the design boldly designed the entrance of the campus into an open curved curved structure, which was supported by the left and right steel columns. The space under the curved structure formed an open entrance, and four small holes were designed under the entrance. The sequence space is used for the display of campus history and events.Because the curved structure highlights the whole building and is wrapped with wood-colored aluminum louvers, it forms a distinctive image of the entrance. At the same time, due to the complete space and a certain height under the curved structure, the outdoor theater of the entire campus is naturally formed. Pre-opening and the opening ceremony of the new students in 2018 are held here.At this point, the entrance to the campus has the function of introducing space and gathering space as well as display space.   



湖州帕丁顿双语学校插图36 湖州帕丁顿双语学校插图37                                        








Graphic information and reading anywhere


As a graphic information center of a brand-new school, unlike the large area of ​​a library with a long history and a large collection of books, the graphic information center of the new school takes electronic reading as the core content, and will be in class and after school. The content is shared across the school on the server through electronic information files, which greatly reduces the amount of space and equipment required for physical books.At the same time, the design increases the space that students can read anywhere by making the campus's piecemeal space interesting.This greatly reduces the area of ​​the graphic information center, designing it to become the intelligent core of the entire school, and at the same time has a new library space in which to read, interact and display.













Feather and Elevation Level of Egret


The main body of the campus chooses white as the base color, and strengthens the color of the image information center, Art Center and gymnasium through the wood-colored aluminum shutters. The facade of the teaching building is the architectural part of the egret feathers, but the main body of the building will appear monotonous only through the white paint. Therefore, the design combines the white paint with the white perforated panels, through the treatment of the facade spacing and the green aluminium bar between floors, which makes the overall facade rich in a certain level of material under the white theme.





From the concept of architecture to the generation of elevation, the design revolves around the egret. Egret is not only the overall image of the building to be reflected, but also the strategic basis for the details of the building.






Growing campus and big tree


The difference between a school and other buildings is its growth. When a school is completed, it will change with the teaching function and the activities of teachers and students. It is in this constant interaction that the culture and weight of the campus slowly Established.Just like a small uncle grows in a big tree, different environments, spaces, and soils are called different trees.In the design of the school, we leave some blank space for the school, such as the space layer and the roof platform. With the increase of teachers and students and interaction, it is convenient to add new functional space.The campus is like a big tree, growing and improving.







Egrets in front of the Cicada Mountains, nesting and staying.


Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group (Huzhou) Paddington Bilingual School has landed, rooted and grown.
























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