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Fontworks Inc.将总部从福冈县福冈市迁至东京都港区,目的是提供进一步的通讯业务并扩大我们的业务。与此同时,Fontworks与PRISM DESIGN合作设计了一个新办公室,PRISM DESIGN是位于上海和日本的国际设计工作室。


Fontworks Inc. moved its headquarters from Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, to Minato-ku, Tokyo, for the purpose of providing further communication business and expanding our business. Along with this, Fontworks worked on the design of a new office with PRISM DESIGN, an international design studio in Base Shanghai and Japan.


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自成立以来,Fontworks一直提供的字体也在使用环境中以惊人的速度发展。从纸质媒体到屏幕时代,也有很多诸如AR / VR之类的东西。这个它延伸到维度。除了创建最适合在其中显示字符的环境使用的字体外,还必须开发一种考虑到所用客户环境的技术。




In 2018, when Fontworks celebrated our 25th anniversary, have formulated a tag line called “Character More Freely” with all our employees, and have been developing specific business activities over the past year. The fonts that Fontworks have consistently provided since our founding are also evolving at a tremendous speed in the environment in which they are used. From paper media to the on-screen era, there are also many such as AR / VR. It extends to dimensions. In addition to creating a typeface that is optimal for the environment in which characters are displayed, it is essential to develop technologies that take into account the environment of the customer being used.Even in the new office, Fontworks have set keywords such as "Fusion of analog and digital", “fusion of creative and engineering”, “work while playing”, and “collaboration among employees” so that we can embody “Character More Freely” Made. The history cultivated in the past 25th anniversary, the future to be shaped in the next 25 years.


Will create, nurture and provide free ideas in our natural environment so that Fontworks can continue to provide services that are close to such changes in the environment.


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© Katsumi Hirabayashi 


办公室有一个设计“ C”形办公桌,是新办公环境所必需的关键字(如“创意和协作”)通用的。


此外,在墙的中心安装了一个大显示器,该显示器始终与福冈的Creative Lab连接,以实现在线两个站点之间的主动通信。在入口处,有一个楼梯形的长椅和显示器,并在与公司外部人员建立休闲交流的空间,同时确保了操作安全性。有几间会议室,包括一个休闲的室内空间,可鼓励自由思考,而这间会议室则是举办时髦和轻松会议的理想场所。旨在根据思维定式选择位置。


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© Katsumi Hirabayashi 






人在改变,但本质并没有改变。PRISM DESIGN从字体中思考人类的本质和表达办公空间设计了。


On the there is an initial “C” -shaped desk that is common to keywords such as “Creative and Collaboration” that are necessary for a new office environment.


In addition, a large display that is always connected to Creative Lab from Fukuoka is installed in the center of the wall to enable active communication between the two sites in online. At the entrance, there was a stair-shaped bench and display, and a space for casual communication with people outside the company was created while ensuring operational security. There are several meeting rooms, including a casual interior that encourages free thinking and a room that is ideal for chic and relaxing meetings. Designed to select a location according to the mind set.


The characters have changed from handdraft typefaces to digital fonts with the times, but both co-exist without changing.

Analog and digital, Traditional and new technologies...

People change, but the essence does not change.

PRISM DESIGN considers the essence of mankind and expressed office space design from the font.



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